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Thermalloys´ personnel have more than 40 years of experience with the development, manufacturing and applications of products in high temperature alloys.

The business idea of Thermalloys is to supply the global furnace industry with advanced products in special alloys such that the life cycle cost is minimized.

Thermalloys is located in Rättvik, Sweden, some 300 kilometers (abt 175 miles) from the capital of Sweden, Stockholm; We are represented by a number of sales companies all over the world.

We can assist in solving existing materials problems as well as make fast deliveries of replacement materials or products.

The production is performed in large industrial halls with a total space of about 10.000 sqm (abt 100.000 sqft); We have modern and efficient equipment for the manufacturing of the products we have in our program.

We have welding procedures according European as well as American rules and the manufacturing is made according to ISO 9001.

Examples of products we supply:

  • Protection tubes for thermocouples and probes.
  • Tubes for hot gas analysis and injection.
  • Heating elements from tube and wire.
  • Radiant tubes.
  • Muffle tubes.
  • Retorts and crackers.
  • Components for gas burners.

We supply our products to:

  • Manufacturers of thermoelements and probes.
  • Engineering companies.
  • Furnace builders.
  • Steel and metal companies.
  • The glass industry.
  • Research companies.
  • Heat treating companies.
  • The automotive industry
We carry a large stock of materials, in particular in tubular form; In this way, we can make fast deliveries, also of products in special alloys.